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It Is Finished!

Jesus was betrayed, captured, tried, and found guilty for crimes and sins He did not commit. Yet he was beaten and hung on a cruel cross to die. His body was taken down and placed in a sealed tomb, but Sunday’s on the way!

When Being Sorry Is Not Enough

In this last sermon of this series Pastor speaks to us about David. David ask God to spare the life of his son. He fasted and spent nights lying on the ground in sackcloth. David was sorry for the sin he committed but his child still died. Sometime the impact of our choices affect innocent…

The Broken Heart of a Broken King

In the message, Nathan told King David a story about two men, one rich and the other poor. The rich man took a lamb from the poor man to feed a guest. Nathan asks David what should happen to the man that took the lamb. David said he should pay with his life. He should…