Love God, Love Others, Serve the World

The Object of Our Worship

In the message this week Pastor spoke to us about the woman at the well. He reminded us that she had a dark past, but Jesus looked beyond her troubled past and saw her heart. Jesus offered her living water from which she would never thirst again.


In the message this week Pastor reminded us about the parable of the three men who were given talents of gold. The one who was given five talents and increased it by five talents. The one who received two talents gained two more. But the man who had received one talent of gold dug a…


In the message, today Pastor spoke to us about the parable of the rich man who had an abundant harvest. He thought he would tear down his old barns and build bigger barns. But God said to him, “You fool this very night your life will be demanded of you.” Then who will get what…

It Is Finished!

Jesus was betrayed, captured, tried, and found guilty for crimes and sins He did not commit. Yet he was beaten and hung on a cruel cross to die. His body was taken down and placed in a sealed tomb, but Sunday’s on the way!